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It Happened in Monterey 8
The tragicomic last round of the Bing Crosby saw leads disappear and putts without end until Lon Hinkle won on the third extra hole
by Dan Jenkins

The Prescription the Doctors Needed 12
Since Dr. Stanley Frager began hypnotizing Louisville's Darrell Griffith, the Docs of Dunk have operated on defense, too
by William F. Reed

Thank You, Father Duffy 14
Steve Cauthen finally broke his 110-race losing streak on a winless gelding. Was it divine intervention?
by William Leggett

Gambling on the Future 16
The Western Basketball Association has franchises from Tucson to Las Vegas to Montana, and players with big hopes
by Curry Kirkpatrick

The Russians Have Come 22
It's the Soviet national team, with Valery Kharlamov and Vladislav Tretiak, against the NHL All-Stars for world hockey supremacy
by E. M. Swift

You Can't Keep a Good Man Down 28
At least not featherweight champ Little Red Lopez, who rises up to go on the warpath and deck the man who dropped him
by Bruce Newman

Cold Place for a Walk 52
Baffin Island is windy and icy, but Canada's national park there has become the in place for rock climbers and other adventurers
by Bil Gilbert

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Scorecard 5
TV/Radio 32
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Soccer 42
Golf 46
For the Record 67
19th Hole 68

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Cover photograph by Richard Mackson

Next Week

Streaking Eammonn Coghlan, who has not lost an indoor mile in two years, puts his string on the line at the Millrose Games when he faces John Walker, Wilson Waigwa, Steve Scott, Paul Cummings and Dick Buerkle. Joe Marshall reports.

The big four of tennis—Borg, Connors, McEnroe and Vilas—hook up in the Grand Slam tournament on the clay courts of Boca West, Fla., where Borg's goal is a third straight championship and the $150,000 first prize. Curry Kirkpatrick is at courtside.