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How to Juice Up a Classic 18
Arnold Palmer poured love and money into a revitalization of the old Citrus Open and Bob Byman squeezed out the winner
by Sarah Pileggi

Downhill All the Way 22
And then some, as one famous and one unknown Austrian won World Cup races while U.S. ski hopes tumbled
by William Oscar Johnson

New Tycoon in Town 24
If that master batsman, Rod Carew, can lead the Angels to the pennant, Palm Springs may even name a street after him
by Ron Fimrite

North Carolina Kicks Up Its Heels 26
With Dean Smith picking opponents' uniforms and Dudley Bradley picking off passes, the Tar Heels won the ACC tournament
by Bruce Newman

It's Still May in September 34
They should be over the hill and halfway down the other side, but the old-timers on the Grand Masters tennis tour play on
by Barry McDermott

The Provo Proviso 40
There is spectacular bonefishing east of Providenciales in the British West Indies—if the wind isn't blowing
by Clive Gammon

Strange Stunts 68
Chuck Strange is ready, willing and—between hospital stays—able to crash through walls and leap 18 cars in a single bound
by Kim Chapin

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Scorecard 13
College Basketball 49
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For the Record 83
19th Hole 84

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Cover photograph by Rich Clarkson

Next Week

Short at short may describe the 79 White Sox, who are giving rookie Harry Chappas—5'3" or 5'5", depending on who's doing the measuring—a shot at the job. Larry Keith reports on the rook with the tallest challenge and other newcomers.

For 55 years, questions have persisted about the fight between Mike McTigue and Battling Siki for the world light heavyweight title. At last an old film reveals what really happened on that fateful St. Patrick's Day in Dublin. By Robert Cantwell.