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"A gentle mist rolls through the enclosure with a circulating air current, opening your pores and breathing passages.... The Spring Showers begin to fall, gently massaging and refreshing your senses.... Bring on the winds. They warm, they dry. You flex and stretch and exercise as you like while the winds gently buffet your hair and skin."

Where is this idyllic spot? An island in the Bahamas? The deck of a ship cruising the Mediterranean? No, but it can be a designated area in your own home where the Kohler Company of Wisconsin will install its latest plumbing extravaganza, a teak-lined enclosure called Environment. Provided, of course, that you have $12,000 and a bathroom large enough to accommodate the nine-foot-long, seven-foot-high "oasis."

The idea is to be able to select your own climate whenever you want it, according to a brochure from Kohler that depicts a young lady lying in the altogether in her Environment. Her bathroom looks roughly the size of a hotel lobby. In time sequence, programmed by means of a control panel, the enclosure can produce Warm Ambience (four heat lamps go on for a specified length of time), followed by Baja Sun (four sun lamps), Tropic Rain (warm-water spray), Jungle Steam (there's a steam generator located beneath the deck of the enclosure), Spring Showers (cool spray) and, finally—to dry you off—Chinook Winds (two warm-air systems). Environment makes the most elaborate sauna seem little more than a hot telephone booth.

Think of it. No more rushing off to the airport to escape winter's icy blasts, no surly hotel porters, no seeking out the sun only to be greeted by a deluge of rain. Or, as the Kohler folks put it. "Maybe you can't live in a perfect climate. But that doesn't mean you can't own one."

Environment can also be loaded with options: a stereo system, art nouveau silk-screened on the back panel, a terrarium or aquarium placed behind the large porthole at the foot of the enclosure.

If $12,000 or so is a little rich for your blood, you might try a smaller version of Environment, called Habitat. It costs only about $5,000, but be warned. You'll have to pay extra for Jungle Steam, and the Chinook Winds have been replaced by a piffling Warm Breeze. For a complete Environment presentation, send $2.50 to Dept. EN, Kohler Co., Kohler. Wis. 53044.