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Two Hitters Who Can't Miss 16
Super-bantam Wilfredo Gomez and featherweight king Danny Lopez are on course toward a big bang
by Pat Putnam and Robert F. Jones

Many an Oops twixt the Ball and the Hoop 20
If the victories by Oklahoma and Toledo in the NCAAs were upsets, what do you call what Penn and St. John's did to the ACC?
by Bruce Newman

It's Not Only a Game of Inches 24
It's of little consequence whether Harry Chappas is or isn't the smallest big leaguer. The big question is can he help the White Sox win
by Larry Keith

Hey, Look at Ol' Andy Bean 32
The PGA's No. 3 money-winner likes to jackrabbit around the orange groves, wrestle alligators and go fishing with his daddy
by Barry McDermott

The Bargain of a Lifetime 40
Nelson Bunker Hunt bought Exceller for $25,000, and now the 6-year-old is closing in on $2 million and Kelso's earnings record
by William Nack

The Great Dublin Robbery 70
Did Mike McTigue deserve his victory over Battling Siki on that fateful St. Patrick's Day? After 56 years, the true story
by Robert Cantwell

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Scorecard 11
Pro Basketball 50
Horse Racing 54
Track & Field 58
Wrestling 62
For the Record 85
19th Hole 86

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Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier

Next Week

The lucky seven main men of the 1964 UCLA basketball team were in on the start of something big: by winning the Bruins' first NCAA championship, they launched an era. Frank Deford visits the players and relives an undefeated season.

TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIC? The North American Soccer League has no fears about starting its 13th season, in which, taking a leaf from the champion Cosmos, multinational teams are becoming all the rage. J.D. Reed previews the new campaign.