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Finally, There Are Four 14
In the NCAA basketball tournament, Michigan State and three upstarts, Penn, DePaul and Indiana State, qualified for trips to Salt Lake City

The Big Red Question Mark 20
It is problematical whether new maestro John McNamara and his aging Cincinnati band will march to the division title
by William Nack

What's Up with the Doc? 22
Have Julius Erving's skills diminished, or is he the victim of tough defense and his teammates' inept, selfish play?
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Making a Hole in the Sky 32
Maren Seidler, America's best woman shotputter, has solved the problem of being a Big Person in a grand manner
by Kenny Moore

Not Settling for Hamburger 38
As the NASL season gets under way, the owners, having grown tired of leftovers, are trying to join the Cosmos' gourmet class
by J. D. Reed

The Team of '64 70
UCLA was just another school with a basketball team until seven players introduced the Bruins to winning, winning, winning
by Frank Deford

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Scorecard 11
Movietalk 49
College Basketball 50
Baseball 58
Fishing 62
For the Record 85
19th Hole 86

Cover photograph by Rich Clarkson

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Next Week

Unspectacular was the word for Spectacular Bid's performance in the Florida Derby, because of Jockey Ron Franklin's hairy ride. Nonetheless, the kid is back on the Kentucky Derby favorite's back in the Flamingo at Hialeah. Bill Leggett reports.

The captains outrageous and their kooky crews set sail each springtime in a race called, variously, the Ensenada, the Enchilada and the Tequila Derby, in which, as Coles Phinizy relates, the victor gets the usual spoils, the loser a costly spittoon.