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Two for the Title 16
Michigan State, with its magic man, Earvin Johnson, and Indiana State, with soaring Larry Bird, settle the question of who's No. 1
by Larry Keith

Hard Times for Guy and the Guys 20
After flying high for years, Guy Lafleur and the Canadiens have been brought to earth by Bryan Trottier and the Islanders
by Mark Mulvoy

This Stones Left None Unturned 22
Now a former amateur, Dwight Stones tells the world just how he made a comfortable living from high jumping
by Ron Reid

Lanny's a Two-Time Winner 24
Wadkins became the first golfer to take two tournaments in this bewildering year as he won the TPC by five convincing strokes
by Dan Jenkins

Good Show by Goodell 32
Brian Goodell of UCLA proved in the NCAA meet that he is again the top U.S. male swimmer, but Cal won the team title
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

Doubling His Pleasure 36
Gene Conley was a rare bird, flying from the basketball court to the pitcher's mound with lots of success and laughs
by Michael Hilton

Captains Outrageous 78
The Ensenada race brings out the buccaneer in most everybody who sails and swills his way down the coast to Mexico
by Coles Phinizy

The Departments

Scorecard 11
Rodeo 44
Tennis 58
Women's Basketball 62
Horse Racing 69
Boxing 75
For the Record 95
19th Hole 96

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Next Week

Baseball 1979 opens with 36 pages of special coverage. Who's the game's best player, Pittsburgh's Dave Parker or Boston's Jim Rice? Roy Blount and Ron Fimrite assess the two MVPs and their talents, while artist Bernie Fuchs places Parker in a gallery of Pirate hitters who have traditionally been baseball's toughest. Jim Bouton recounts his comeback at age 39 and gives the lowdown on today's players. Also, scouting reports on all 26 teams, plus our regular news coverage and departments.