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A New Bid for a Triple 20
Spectacular Bid and Ron Franklin confounded their critics in the Kentucky Derby and triggered talk of another Triple Crown
by William Leggett

The Yanks Now Spell Relief G-U-I-D-R-Y 26
With his team hurting because Rich Gossage is injured, baseball's best starter offered to relieve—and promptly won
by Douglas S. Looney

N.Y. vs. N.Y.: It's All-out Warfare 28
The upstart Rangers shut down the Islanders' Big Four and took a 3-2 lead in the battle for a berth in the Stanley Cup finals
by E.M. Swift

Cuba, No! 36
Nehemiah, McTear, Smith and Company shut out vaunted visitors—including Alberto Juantorena—at the UCLA Invitational
by Pat Putnam

Youth Can Age You 40
The flamboyant old stars of high-stakes poker are being challenged by a new breed of youthful, college-educated players
by Roger Dionne

Ironman 88
To earn that distinction, Tom Warren swam 2.4 miles, bicycled 112 miles and ran a marathon in a single day of victorious agony
by Barry McDermott

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Next Week

Together again thanks to a judge, all the top Indy drivers will be at the Speedway this weekend for qualifying—although some are hot under the collar. Robert F. Jones reports on the battle to determine who wins the pole for this year's 500.

Oh, Charlie O., what's going on in Oakland? With the A's now patsies and with crowds as small as 628 showing up, the franchise is in disarray. But, as Ron Fimrite reports, the team can't move and Charlie Finley can't—or won't—sell it.