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Grabbing Front Row Seats 20
Rick Mears, Tom Sneva and Al Unser made the front row for the Indy 500 at far faster speeds than anyone expected
by Robert F. Jones

Boom, Bust, Boom in the West 24
The Sonics found their confidence game just in time to send their NBA playoff series with the Suns back to the Kingdome
by John Papanek

A Quick Cook's Tour 26
At one point the race left her breathless, but powerboat champ Betty Cook recovered to blow them all off in the Bacardi
by Julia Lamb

Offers They Couldn't Refuse 28
College football stars ignored NCAA rules by taking loans from an agent, then signing his "offer sheets"
by William Oscar Johnson and Ron Reid

They're Just Mad About Charlie 36
As few as 653 fans have seen Oakland play, but it's A's owner Charlie Finley who's being sued for nonsupport
by Ron Fimrite

Buffalo Made a Wise Choice 42
Or so insists Ohio State Linebacker Tom Cousineau, who was tabbed by the Bills as the No. 1 selection in the NFL draft
by Douglas S. Looney

I Am Giorgio Chinaglia! I Beat You! 76
He is the NASL's leading scorer and a proud man whose life is soccer. When he gets a Cosmos goal, he wants you to know all about it
by J. D. Reed

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Champing at the bit is Pete Ashlock, who is aching to have a world champ. To that end, the maverick Texan spends more than he makes at his Orlando fight club, which features hopefuls such as Mad Dog Ross. Douglas S. Looney reports.