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He's the Phillie Fillip 20
Along with a hot bat, Pete Rose has brought needed ardor to Philadelphia. But he's hardly the only important new arrival
by Bruce Newman

One More Big Dance to Go 24
After waltzing off with the Preakness in near-record time, Spectacular Bid should have a real ball in the Belmont
by William Leggett

Vindication Time in Montreal 26
After performing inconsistently all season, the Canadiens finally took charge in the Stanley Cup finals against the Rangers
by E. M. Swift

The Bullets Weather an Ice Storm 28
Washington needed a miracle comeback to beat San Antonio, which got two 42-point games from George (Iceman) Gervin
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Losing Search for a Winner 36
The fight crowds are scanty in his Orlando arena, but Pete Ashlock keeps spending in hopes a world champ will emerge
by Douglas S. Looney

A Nowhere Road 44
That could well be the epitaph for the late World Hockey Association, which for seven years was only one step from bankruptcy
by Reyn Davis

He Can Rise, Drop and Pop It at 104 mph 92
Pennsylvania Dutchman Ty Stofflet, softball pitcher extraordinary, would be famous were he not the Prince of the Front Porch
by Jack McCallum

The Departments

Scorecard 13
Baseball 52
Boxing 73
Track & Field 78
Rowing 88
For the Record 117
19th Hole 119

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Next Week

They call him X-22 or the Human Computer, but Paul Magriel, the world backgammon champion, downplays the importance of mathematics in his game. He is, in fact, a bundle of inconsistencies, which Roger Dionne entertainingly explores.

A salmon war rages on the Klamath River in California. Arrayed on one side are sportsmen and most of the local Yurok Indians. On the other side are commercial gill-netters, with backing from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Robert F. Jones reports.