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Ringing in the New at Indy 16
Off-road champ Rick Mears showed he belonged on the same track as the old pros by running circles around them at Indy
by Robert F. Jones

Nobody Does It Better than They Do 20
According to its coach, the team that won Johns Hopkins' 35th lacrosse title by mauling Maryland was the Jays' best ever
by Joe Marshall

A Dale Approaching Her Peak 22
Davona Dale, Calumet Farm's brilliant 3-year-old filly, has won six straight and is the year's third-leading money earner
by William Leggett

Putting the Tour in His Pocket 24
With four wins and four seconds so far, Tom Watson is virtually assured of achieving golf's first $500,000 year
by Dan Jenkins

Clamor Along the Klamath 30
While sports fishermen and Indian gill-netters battle over fishing rights on the Klamath River, the salmon fights for survival
by Robert F. Jones

Getting Up by Being Down 36
Believe it or not, pole vaulter Dan Ripley seems to fly highest just when everything looks the bleakest
by Joe Marshall

A War Against Luck and Disorder 68
Paul Magriel is a mathematician and backgammon champion. His enemy is the dice, which obscure the game's patterns
by Roger Dionne

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Scorecard 11
Baseball 49
Hunting 56
Soccer 64
For the Record 87
19th Hole 88

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Cover photograph by Tony Tomsic

Next Week

Strangers in a strange land, Big John Tate, former U.S. Olympian, and Kallie Knoetze, former South African cop, clash in a WBA heavyweight bout in the remote—and unrecognized—homeland of Bophuthatswana. Pat Putnam reports.

The Missouri kid, the Marco Polo of moosedom, left his home range in northern Minnesota two years ago and moseyed down into Iowa and Missouri, puzzling zoologists while entertaining the citizenry. Bil Gilbert tracks a moose on the loose.