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It Was Seattle, Handily 16
The Sonics used a pair of outstanding guards, a hustling center and a swarming defense to win the NBA championship
by John Papanek

Seeing Was Believing in Champaign 20
A look-alike middle-distance runner and a hurdler who looks too good to be true sparkled at the NCAA championships
by Joe Marshall

A Spreading Scandal in Jai Alai 22
Connecticut and Florida officials combined to arrest a jai alai player and bettors on fixing charges
by Robert H. Boyle and Nancy Williamson

Playing Hurt—The Doctors' Dilemma 30
The team physician: is his paramount concern the health of the athlete or is it, instead, the welfare of the club?
by William Nack

Shot from Out of the Past 39
All kinds of barnstormers hit Texas in the '30s, but the most memorable was a trick shooter—even then an anachronism
by William Humphrey

One Giant Win for Big John 61
John Tate walloped Kallie Knoetze in Bophuthatswana to put himself in the forefront of the heavyweight picture
by Pat Putnam

Goin' South 68
Two years ago the Marco Polo of moosedom left Minnesota and moseyed down to Missouri, puzzling zoologists along the way
by Bil Gilbert

The Departments

Scorecard 13
Baseball 44
TV/Radio 53
Ballooning 57
Horse Racing 67
For the Record 89
19th Hole 90

Cover photograph by Peter Read Miller

Credits on page 89

Next Week

CATCH NANCY? Once again the LPGA field is wondering what to do about Lopez. The best woman golfer is hitting longer than ever and, coming into the LPGA Championship, has won three straight tournaments. Barry McDermott reports.

Spectacular all spring, now Spectacular Bid is favored to complete an astounding streak by becoming the third straight winner of the Triple Crown. William Leggett describes the potentially historic running of the Belmont Stakes.