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Bid Three, Down One 14
It was a new deal in the Belmont when Coastal beat Spectacular Bid and the Triple Crown went by the boards
by William Leggett

Smile for the Birdies 18
Guided by Earl Weaver, the shrewdest manager in baseball, Baltimore is again a power without the benefit of free agents
by Douglas S. Looney

She's Young at Heart 20
And should be. Donna Caponi Young won the LPGA championship by beating a surprisingly unflappable Minnesotan
by Barry McDermott

Never Behind the Eight Ball 22
Jerry Buss has a way with women and money. Now he'll have his way with the L.A. Lakers, Kings and Forum
by William Oscar Johnson

It's Been Step by Precise Step 30
Logic and order are the cornerstones of Edwin Moses' life and of his utter dominance of the 400-meter hurdles
by Rick Telander

The Putter God Forgot 37
Orville Moody, the '69 U.S. Open champ, gamely uses his Judas club week after week despite a decade of setbacks
by Barry McDermott

Rooky's Secret Life 58
Richard Pohle, at 36, changed his name and appearance and masqueraded as a 21-year-old rookie baseball player
by Eliot Asinof

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Cover photograph by James Drake

Next Week

Golf Ghosts Aplenty will be walking at Inverness during the U.S. Open. Harry Vardon played his last major U.S. tournament on the Toledo course, and both Bobby Jones and Jack Nicklaus played their first Opens there. Dan Jenkins reports.

He isn't kicking about his life in Dublin, but on a track Eamonn Coghlan has an unpredictable kick that few can counter. Kenny Moore writes of the man who demolished the indoor-mile record and could soon do the same outdoors.