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Shifting into High for Moscow 16
With the Olympics foremost in mind, U.S. athletes changed gears and sent records tumbling at the AAU championships
by Kenny Moore

Up a Tree in Toledo 20
In the Arbor Day Open at Inverness, that's where Hale Irwin put his opponents as he secured his place among golf's elite
by Dan Jenkins

Wondrous Wings Across the Water 24
In an epochal flight, Bryan Allen pedaled a 75-pound aircraft christened the Gossamer Albatross across the English Channel
by Geoffrey Nicholson

Taking the Maine Chance 30
Rafting down the Kennebec and Penobscot with Wayne Hockmeyer, a former water-bed salesman, is no somnolent experience
by Dan Levin

Monopoly with Real Money 36
A new breed of owners has been flocking to the Meadowlands as if making a bundle in harness racing were mere child's play
by Douglas S. Looney

The Man Who United Ireland 64
All his countrymen cheered on Eamonn Coghlan for four minutes during the Montreal Olympics. Now he's aiming for Moscow
by Kenny Moore

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Cover photograph by James Drake

Next Week

The Marshall Plan is to save victories for Minnesota, and so far this season Relief Pitcher Mike Marshall, Ph.D., has been eminently successful. To Ron Fimrite he is no less intellectual than ever, but far friendlier now that he's with the Twins.

Lunch-Pail Sports Towns you've heard of. Now visit an hors d'oeuvres town with Frank Deford, who finds the fans in Washington, D.C, though affluent, more intent on nibbling shrimp and digesting media coverage of sport than going to games.