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All's Quiet in Oakland 12
Kenny Stabler and Raider boss Al Davis aren't speaking to each other, but the quarterback is back in tune with his teammates
by Ron Reid

It Was a Spectacular Bid 16
Unfortunately it's taken, but no appellation could be apter for the yearling auctioned for a record $1.6 million at Keeneland
by William Nack

The Curtain Rises on Moscow 18
Though it was a dress rehearsal for the 1980 Summer Olympics, the Spartakiade itself was a very professional show
by Kenny Moore

Long Lift the King! 26
Larry Pacifico, the world's top powerlifter, is as peaceable as his name implies, but strong men pale when they must contest him
by Terry Todd

To Paris, with Glove 50
A San Francisco third baseman/boulevardier and a band of softball-playing buddies travel to France for a one-game classic
by Ron Fimrite

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Scorecard 9
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Baseball 37
Soccer 44
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For the Record 63
19th Hole 64

Credits on page 63

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier

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A Silver Anniversary Issue marks the completion of this magazine's 25th year. Publisher Kelso Sutton gives you an inside look at SI; Ray Kennedy elucidates the major trends in sport in that explosive quarter century; great champions and notable moments are revisited in 44 pages of color photographs; and Roger Bannister (Sir Roger now), our first Sportsman of the Year, reflects on the uses and abuses of international sport. Plus the week's news and all our regular features