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Kong Is King 8
Chicago slugger Dave Kingman is a one-man destruction gang when he starts propelling homers out of Wrigley Field
by Bruce Newman

Supercharger Is Ready to Blast 14
As the San Diego aerial circus revs up, top scorer John Jefferson expects to shine even brighter with Kellen Winslow on hand
by Barry McDermott

Odd Men Out 16
Veteran umpires have been making life miserable for the rookies who walked across their picket lines last spring
by E. M. Swift

The First Step Is the Hardest 22
Launched from a 2,000-foot cliff in Utah, hang gliders soar against a background of stone towers and clear desert sky
by Nora Gallagher

The Golden Moment 60
It's been seven years since a drug controversy cost Rick DeMont his Olympic gold medal, but now he's in the swim again
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

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Scorecard 5
TV/Radio 28
Baseball 49
Motor Sports 56
For the Record 75
19th Hole 76

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Cover photograph by Richard Mackson

Next Week

Hobbled by age they're not, so some of baseball's most venerable stars are still at the top of their games. Ron Fimrite takes the pulse of record setters like Lou Brock, Carl Yastrzemski and Gaylord Perry and finds them kicking up their heels.

Gobbled by fish, trod on by man, the lowly nightcrawler has nonetheless managed to survive, yea, thrive. Bil Gilbert discourses on the life-style of this fascinating creature, and on Ray Edwards, an enthusiastic admirer—and hunter—of fishbait.