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High Note of a Hit Parade 10
Lou Brock's 3,000th hit was the crescendo to an orchestrated exodus in a season notable for the opuses of oldtimers
by Ron Fimrite

An Awesome Warning from the Sea 16
Howling winds and mountainous waves caught the 306-boat Fastnet Race fleet in the open seas, claiming 15 lives
by Jack Knights

He Saved His Best for Last 24
Matthew Saad Muhammad withstood John Conteh's sharpest punches, but needed his cut man's deftest touch to retain his title
by Clive Gammon

Trying to Get Their Feet in the Door 26
All those glossy college records and press clippings don't mean a thing when rookie kickers take the field at NFL training camps
by Joe Marshall

Mary T. Goes Up in Lights 28
No one shone more brightly at the AAU swim meet than Mary T. Meagher, who can really fly
by Joe Jares and Demmie Stathoplos

You're a Great Handicapper, Foto! 30
When Foto Lewis, Race Track Character and strip-joint barker, bets his system, he's always right. Well, sometimes
by Doug Looney

They Crawl by Night 52
For eons, the earthworm has survived floods, drought, hungry robins, foraging fish and even the dread worm hunter
by Bil Gilbert

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Cover illustration by Sandy Huffaker

Next Week

Pro Football '79 kicks off with Frank Deford's look at the NFL in the year 2000—would you believe women quarterbacks and the 150-yard field? Earl Campbell will have retired by then, but for now, as Bruce Newman reports, he's the Main Man among the Campbells of Tyler, Texas and the Oilers of Houston. Ron Reid tells you everything you wanted to know about the game...but were afraid to ask; and scouting reports assess all 28 teams. Plus our regular news and features.