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They said it

Denny Crum,University of Louisville basketball coach, on his contract: "I'm getting$300,000, but over 150 years."

Ken Payne,Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver, when told a woman sportswriter was in thedressing room: "Uh, oh, I'd better put my teeth in."

Jack Lambert,Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker, on Denver Bronco Quarterback Craig Morton:"I kind of like Craig Morton. I think he's an overachiever. The main reasonI like him, though, is because he can't run out of the pocket."

Marvin Barnes,sometime pro basketball forward, on how he managed to earn so many collegecredits while he was in prison: "There was no place I could go to cutclasses."

Bill Veeck, WhiteSox owner, in a message to his Chicago fans: "We will scheme, connive,steal and do everything possible to win the pennant-except pay bigsalaries."

Lee Corso, IndianaUniversity football coach, who has eaten his share of chicken dinners on thepostseason banquet circuit: "I no longer sleep. I roost."

Rod Hundley,telecaster, recalling that he signed as a first-round NBA draft choice in 1957for a $10,000 salary and no bonus: "Every time I see my mother I say, 'Whydidn't you wait?' "

Vincent Tralka,the girls' basketball coach at St. Rose High school in Belmar, N.J.: "Weplay a man-to-man defense. Person-to-person sounds like a phone call."

Stan Morrison, USCbasketball coach: "If you hang in there long enough and grit your teethhard enough, your orthodontist's bill will go up."

Bob Hope, after around of golf with the late George Meany: "He plays just like a union man.He negotiates the final score."

Fred Akers, theUniversity of Texas football coach: "Football doesn't take me away from myfamily life. We've always watched films together."

Jason Thompson,Detroit Tiger first baseman, after Manager Sparky Anderson announced a ban onjeans: "There goes my wardrobe."

Rocky Bleier,balding Pittsburgh Steeler running back: "I'd like the body of Jim Brown,the moves of Gale Sayers, the strength of Earl Campbell and the acceleration ofO. J. Simpson. And just once I would like to run and feel the wind in myhair."

Rinus Michels, LosAngeles Aztec coach, estimating how many years it would take to come up with aUnited States citizen who's a great soccer player: "Five. That's how longit takes for naturalization, isn't it?"

Tommy John, NewYork Yankee pitcher, discussing his arm surgery of five years ago: "Whenthey operated on my arm, I asked them to put in Koufax' fastball. They did. Butit turned out to be Mrs. Koufax'."

Walt Michaels, NewYork Jet coach: "Everyone has some fear. A man who has no fear belongs in amental institution. Or on special teams."

Jim Marshall, onmanaging the Oakland A'S: "It makes you rethink the importance of being inthe major leagues."

Monte Clark,Detroit Lion coach, on Larry Csonka: "When he goes on safari, the lionsroll up their windows."

Milton Berle,"My doctor recently told me that jogging could add years to my life. Ithink he was right. I feel 10 years older already."

Art Modell,Cleveland Browns owner, on the fact that he and other NFL bosses share TV moneyand gate receipts: "We're 28 Republicans who vote socialist."

Floyd Smith,Toronto Maple Leaf coach, after his team was tied by the expansion EdmontonOilers: "I have nothing to say, and I'm only going to say it once."

Weeb Ewbank,former New York Jet coach, asked to assess Joe Namath's performance in a stageproduction of Picnic. "I'll have to wait until I see the films."

Cliff Parsley,Houston Oiler punter, on kicking specialists' salaries: "People think ourincome is much greater than it really is. I'm barely making enough to pay offmy Cadillac."

Jim Zorn, SeattleSeahawk quarterback, on his research into names for a first child: "If it'sa boy, my neighbors have some friends who want me to name him Bjorn, so theheadlines could read 'Bjorn zorn born.' "

Jack McCloskey,Indiana Pacer assistant coach, after the team released Ann Meyers: "Shegave me a little peck on the cheek and a hug. It meant a lot. I'd never gottena kiss from a player who got cut."

Dan Pastorini,Houston Oiler quarterback, on what it's like to hand off to Earl Campbell:"Comforting."