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With a Hoop and a Holler 14
Forty-eight teams roared into the NCAA playoffs. Thirty-two were silenced, including top-ranked DePaul
by Curry Kirkpatrick

This Green Giant Isn't Jolly 18
The Phils may have been complacent last year, but a tough new manager is making spring training anything but borrriiiing
by Larry Keith

A Little Ray of Sunshine at Hialeah 20
Superbity trained by Sunshine Calvert, won the Flamingo, further clouding the Kentucky Derby picture
by William Nack

Yet Another Mountain to Climb 22
The defending NBA champion Sonics are near the top in the standings, but they may not be able to peak for the playoffs
by Bruce Newman

Game for a Bloody Good Game 28
Rugby had 10,000players in the U.S. a decade ago. Now there are 100,000, and in Monterey they all seem to be playing at once

"A Lot of People Think I'm Phony" 34
So says Joe Paterno, who was sorely tested on the field and off in his 14th season as Penn State football coach
by Douglas S. Looney

There She Is—Miss What? 64
Women's bodybuilding has arrived—sort of. The girls know what they're doing, but many of the contest judges don't
by Dan Levin

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For the Record 79
19th Hole 81

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