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Surprise Party for Indy 12
Favorites fell left and right in the NCAA regionals, catapulting three amazin's and some high Cards into the finals at Indianapolis

He's Semi-Phenomenal 20
Detroit is wholly sold on rookie Centerfielder Kirk Gibson, but for the moment he will play only half the time
by Larry Keith

A Long Shot out of a Trap 26
From stoop laborer to full-fledged golf pro on the tour, it's been an incredible trip for Calvin Peete
by Barry McDermott

The Parisian Whirl 32
Craig Virgin made short work of the Longchamp course to become the first American man to win the world cross-country title
by Kenny Moore

No Man Was His Keeper 62
There is blame and censure all around for the death of boxer Willie Classen: a classic case for needed reforms
by Robert H. Boyle

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Scorecard 7
Boxing 38
Boating 44
Horse Racing 50
Pro Football 56
For the Record 77
19th Hole 78

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

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