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Showdown at Indianapolis 10
Capping a season of surprises, the dunkers of Louisville met the youngsters of UCLA for the national basketball championship
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Monarchs of All They Survey: Part Two 14
Old Dominion extended its reign, beating Tennessee to win the AIAW championship for the second straight year
by Joe Jares

Stating "Iron Realities" 16
If there was any doubt about the President's resolve to boycott the Olympics, it was dispelled at a meeting with athletes
by Kenny Moore

Seems Like Old Times 18
In a stroll down memory lane, Trevino, Player and Nicklaus had at it in the TPC, with Super Mex the noteworthy winner
by Dan Jenkins

"I Don't Make a Good Pet" 24
So says Don Bragg, Olympic pole-vault champ, Tarzan manquè and a man who has extraordinary rapport with himself
by Douglas S. Looney

Sitting, Waiting and Hoping 30
Glenn Fletcher has played football at four high schools, two J.C.s and two universities, yet has no diploma or degree—only dreams
by Larry Keith

A Different Drummer 54
After years of moody introspection, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is coming out of his shell, but he still steps to the music he hears
by John Papanek

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