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Making a Real Splash 18
Eight U.S. Open, six American and 16 pool records were smashed as California won a second straight NCAA swimming title
by Joe Marshall

Call Him What You Want 22
Nelson Sauto Maior, who is also known as Nelson Piquet, won his first Formula I victory at the Long Beach Grand Prix
by Sam Moses

To Rephrase a Coin, He's Worth It 24
In winning the Florida Derby by six lengths, Plugged Nickle gave new currency to his chances at Churchill Downs
by William Leggett

Baseball 1980

They are comparatively unsung, but before the new decade is over, six young players should be among the stars of the game 26
by Ron Fimrite

Can Pittsburgh repeat? How about Baltimore? Are the poor Mets and Blue Jays any better? Scouting reports on all 26 teams provide the inside info 36

Baseball is a game of tranquillity punctuated by bursts of action, Walter Iooss Jr. reveals in 12 pages of color photographs 56

A new stat compares batters from different eras and produces some surprises. Is Pete Rose really better than Joe D.? 70
by Reed Browning

Spare the Rod(s) and Spoil the Cast 74
With unflagging zest, Lefty Kreh has become a great fisherman, so don't carp when he says angling is on the brink of change
by Robert H. Boyle

Gimme an O... 92
A reborn baseball fan moves to Baltimore, adopts the Orioles and rediscovers civic pride and the sheer joy of rooting
by Jonathan Yardley

The Departments

Scorecard 13
Golf 83
Basketball 86
For the Record 111
19th Hole 112

Credits on page 111

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier

Next Week

MASTERING THE MASTERS is a tall order, as Ed Sneed discovered last year, when he had the green coat all but on his back before losing his grip in the last three holes. Myra Gelband retraces the ups and the ultimate letdown of that week in Augusta.

THE ENVIRONMENTAL DECADE, the '70s, has passed, but the earth is in as much, if not more, peril than ever. Jerry Kirshenbaum reports on the state of the environmental movement as it comes up against backlash, inflation and the energy crisis.