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The Latest from the Greatest 16
Ali may be way out of shape and 38, but an $8 million purse beckons and so Muhammad has gone to the mountain
by Pat Putnam

K.C. Lets the Suns Shine In 22
The Kings got one electrifying game from Phil Ford in their opening-round playoff loss to Phoenix, but then it was lights out
by Bruce Newman

Goodby to All That 24
After 11 seasons of hard, unsurpassed play—and hard knocks—Roger Staubach retires from a team in transition
by Paul Zimmerman

"Impossible Not to Win" 32
So thought Ed Sneed. He held a three-stroke lead with three holes to play in the 1979 Masters. Then the nightmare began
by Myra Gelband

She Has a New Racquet 41
Heather McKay, the versatile Australian superathlete, has switched from squash to racquetball and barely missed a stroke
by Jim Kaplan

Land of the White Wind 64
Struggling to climb the Western Hemisphere's highest mountain, three intrepid Californians met the dread El Viento Blanco
by Sam Moses

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Cover photograph by Manny Millan

Next Week

First of the majors, the Masters annually comes up with masterly golf. The 1980 field includes Watson, Nicklaus, Player and Trevino, who have nine green jackets among them and are looking to augment their wardrobes. Dan Jenkins reports.

One, two, three strikes, you're out! figures to be the cry in the season's first big series, as L.A. faces Houston and the big heat of Nolan Ryan and J.R. Richard. Larry Keith relates which team gets the first whiff of success in the National League West.