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The Reign of Spain 26
Except for one jittery hour, 23-year-old Severiano Ballesteros ruled the Masters with an iron hand, subjugating America's finest
by Dan Jenkins

The Decision: No Go on Moscow 30
After a U.S. Olympic Committee vote to support a boycott, the 1980 Games are over long before they start for American athletes
by Kenny Moore

A Whiff of Spring in Houston 34
Replete with strikeout aces, the Astros opened with J.R. Richard's two-hitter and, oops, a home run by Nolan Ryan
by Larry Keith

The Way the Ball Bounces 42
Not only does Ed Brodeur invent tennis surfaces, but he also uses the "dynamics" of the court to predict who'll win
by Ray Kennedy

Me and Red See It Through 50
How a young Celtics fan found a champion in the Boston coach, suffered with him during the dark days and shared his joy
by Jonathan Schwartz

Starting Out or Ending Up 86
The Penn Circuit can be the road to glory or the road to nowhere for tennis pros hoping to move up to the big-time tour
by Barry McDermott

The Departments

Scorecard 21
Baseball 58
Swimming 67
Bowling 71
Boxing 75
Hockey 80
For the Record 111
19th Hole 114

Credits on page 111

Cover photograph by John Iacono

Next Week

There's a long, long road awindin' between Hopkinton and Boston, and more than 8,000 runners, including the defending champion, Bill Rodgers, will be taking it while they participate in the 84th Boston Marathon. Kenny Moore reports.

SEE'EM ALL. Yes, see every one of the 26 teams play in 13 days. That was a baseball fan's dream: Fly to Cincy, then to Chicago, on to Texas, up to Canada, to the Coast. A frenetic journal by Daniel Okrent, who tried and succeeded—sort of.