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The Boston Marathon 14
Bill Rodgers won the laurel wreath for the fourth time and became only the second man to win in three straight years
by Kenny Moore

NBA Playoffs

Home fires had a nasty way of burning the home team as Seattle beat Milwaukee in the Western Conference semifinals 18
by Bruce Newman

Boston Garden was rocking and Beantown was buzzing as the Celtics and 76ers split two games in the Eastern finals 22
by John Papanek

When the Bloom Is off the Roses 28
Is there life a Her Louisville? For some Kentucky Derby winners the answer is: not much. Others literally are in clover
by William Nack

More Wins, More Fans? Wrong 34
According to marketing whiz Matthew Levine, victories don't necessarily add up to packed arenas and soaring profits
by Ray Kennedy

26 Teams in 13 Days 62
When the author found he could make it to 13 major league parks on successive days and see every club play, off he went
by Daniel Okrent

The Departments

Scorecard 9
Baseball 46
Pro Football 52
Track & Field 58
For the Record 79
19th Hole 80

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

What a relief it is to Pittsburgh fans when Kent Tekulve comes out of the bullpen to bail the Pirates out of trouble with his serpentine, sidearm deliveries. Bob Ottum writes of the skinniest—and perhaps most irreplaceable—member of the fam-i-lee.

Shades of Dan Patch, there's another big horse wheeling down the track. Niatross is his name, pacing is his game. He's unbeaten and, though he hasn't raced as a 3-year-old, he's all but enshrined in the hall of fame. Douglas S. Looney reports.