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Showing Up the Guys at the Downs 14
Genuine Risk became the first filly to win the Kentucky Derby in 65 years and only the second in the race's history
by William Nack

Fresh Paint for Dodger Blue 20
Los Angeles is sparkling, and much of the credit goes to a crop of rookies who won't be given the brush
by Steve Wulf

Road Show with an All-Star Cast 22
In the 15-kilometer Midland Run in lush New Jersey horse country, Herb Lindsay outran the finest road-racing field ever
by Joe Marshall

A Tight End Who Hangs Real Loose 28
For Russ Francis of the New England Patriots, life is one continuous luau and the past is what you leave behind
by E.M. Swift

The Day Pelè Split His Pants 34
Who bagged the Black Pearl? Frisked Germany of Franz? And now is riding out a Blizzard? Why, Clive Toye, of course
by Clive Gammon

That Muskie Madness 62
The muskellunge is ugly, ferocious and preposterously hard to catch, as the author learned during 38 Wisconsin summers
by William Oscar Johnson

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Cover photograph by Jerry Cooke

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