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Toasts of the Coasts 20
In a brilliant East-West showdown, the 76ers and the Lakers split the first four games of the NBA championship series
by John Papanek

Three Vacuums Clean Up 26
Ground-effect cars driven by Johnny Rutherford, Mario Andrew and Bobby Unser filled the front row for the upcoming Indy 500
by Sam Moses

The Bad News Bears of Kaminskey Park 28
Also known as the White Sox of Comiskey Park, a ragtag outfit that's living it up in the American League West
by Frank Deford

Student-Athletes: The Sham, the Shame 36
As the rash of academic cheating has shown, college athletics have become an abomination to the ideals of higher education
by John Underwood

He's Still Filling the Horn of Plenty 74
Owner of the Pirates, Derby-winning breeder, recruiter for Ohio State, John W. Galbreath is going strong at 82
by William F. Reed

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Scorecard 15
Baseball 84
For the Record 93
19th Hole 94

Cover painting by Dennis Luzak

Credits on page 93

Next Week

IS SHE THE GENUINE ARTICLE? The Preakness, which will include tough new opposition in Codex and Colonel Moran, will show if the fabulous filly, Kentucky Derby winner Genuine Risk, is a real Triple Crown threat. Bill Nack reports from Pimlico.

Les Canadiens being finis, the Stanley Cup soon will have a new home in the U.S. after spending the last four years locked in Montreal's trophy case. E.M. Swift covers the action as Philadelphia and the Islanders shoot it out in the final round.