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The Sub Came Up on Top 16
Johnny Rutherford, driving a Chaparral called the Yellow Submarine, sank the rest of the field at the Indy 500
by Sam Moses

Putting the Hammer to the Old Bugaboo 20
Bob Nystrom's overtime goal gave the Islanders a new image. They're the Stanley Cup champions now, not chokers
by Kathy Blumenstock

The Mets...The Magic is Bake 24
Well, nobody's perfect, and New York is still near the bottom of the National League East, but the Mets may yet be amazin'
by Steve Wulf

Everyone Points for the LaPoints 32
But no one beats brothers Bob and Kris, the world's top slalom water skiers, who practice their technique on a catfish farm
by Bill Colson

Sink Your Teeth into This 36
Fast, fast, fast relief from pain and puny performances is on the way, thanks to MORA, the magical mouthpiece athletes love
by Anita Verschoth

The Shoe 64
At age 48 there's still no stopping Bill Shoemaker, who's got the mount on Spectacular Bid and is headed for another big year
by William Nack

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Cover photograph by Thomas Rampy

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