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Trying Hard to Go Nowhere 12
The Olympic Trials led to a dead end, not to the Games in Moscow. But there were many golden performances by U.S. athletes
by Kenny Moore

A Punch-up That Led to a Knees-up 18
Alan Minter firmly stamped himself as middleweight champ with a win over Vito Antuofermo, and it was time for a Cockney fest
by Clive Gammon

Of Volleys and Brollies 20
The tennis was mixed with raindrops as spectators at the famed tournament spent most of their time huddled under umbrellas
by Frank Deford

Prime of the Ancient Mariner 24
Though Phil Weld is 65, age didn't slow him a bit as he showed 88 whippersnappers how to sail the Atlantic alone
by E.M. Swift

No Place like an Old Place 46
Ball parks built before World War II are a vanishing breed. Here is a look at the survivors, with special attention to Wrigley Field
by E.M. Swift

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Scorecard 9
Baseball 37
Movies 40
Golf 42
For the Record 65
19th Hole 66

Cover photograph by Rich Clarkson

Credits on page 65

Next Week

Addiction is the word many medical men apply to the craving felt by some of today's running boomers for more and more miles. Like drug users, they have a monkey on their backs, and it's wearing jogging shoes. By William Oscar Johnson.

Basebrawl is the name of a dangerous game being played by pitchers and hitters this season. In an escalation of a longtime rivalry, the pitchers are taking aim, but the hitters aren't taking it lying down. Steve Wulf examines the controversy.