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The Moscow Olympics 10

The glittering opening ceremony was tarnished not only by the boycott but also by some symbolic protests and bad vibes
by Ron Fimrite

The U.S. has shunned the Games, but several American expatriates are pursuing gold for their adopted countries
by Paul Zimmerman

...Meanwhile in Philadelphia 18
Far from Moscow, boycotting athletes, some of whom gave Olympian performances, proved there's no alternative to the Games
by Craig Neff

He Stopped the Talk, but Not the Fight 20
In the richest harness race ever, super pacer Niatross proved he's O.K. again. If only the same could be said for his owners
by Douglas S. Looney

Elementary, at least for Watson 22
With a record 271, Tom Watson made his third British Open win look so easy that old Muirfield may never be the same
by Dan Jenkins

The Teacher 28
Other NFL coaches revel in being regarded as demigods, but Chuck Noll of the Steelers wants to be known as a pedagogue
by Paul Zimmerman

It's Seven O'clock in the Morning 46
...and we've run the whole night through. And now the weary author faces nine more hours of a grueling 24-hour race
by James E. Shapiro

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Scorecard 7
Baseball 36
Boxing 42
For the Record 61
19th Hole 62

Cover photograph by Rich Clarkson

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Next Week

The Moscow games, diminished though they be by the boycott, are expected to produce a dramatic 800-meter showdown between record-holder Sebastian Coe and his countryman, Steve Ovett. The SI team covers this and other developments.

Reggie Jackson's bite of the Big Apple gets juicier and juicier as the prodigious New York Yankee slugger heads into the second half of one of his finest seasons. William Nack brings you up to date on the superduperstar on and off the field.