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The Olympics 12

Great Britain ruled the track and field, winning the 100, the 800 and the decathlon in the span of a single day
by Kenny Moore

Nadia Comaneci fell during one exercise, and when she was found wanting in another, her gymnastic reign was over
by Ron Fimrite

Old Faces in New Places 20
The Snake is loose in Houston, Dante could find another inferno in Oakland, and several other NFL stars are in unfamiliar uniforms
by Bruce Newman

The Man Who Owns New York 24
After three years as the city's damned Yankee, Reggie Jackson is smashing home runs to rousing cheers on and off the field
by William Nack

Any More Questions, Fellas? 28
Betty Cook, the only woman driver in the machismo world of offshore powerboats, is also the world and American champion
by Bob Ottum

The Man Behind the Mask 48
No president of the International Olympic Committee ever embodied as many contradictions as the late Avery Brundage

The Departments

Scorecard 9
Baseball 37
TV Radio 42
Horse Racing 44
For the Record 64
19th Hole 66

Credits on page 64

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

Motown Mauler Thomas Hearns, the undefeated young welterweight with the big punch, challenges WBA champion Jose (Pipino) Cuevas in what promises to be a slambang fight. Pat Putnam reports, from ringside at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena.

WHO'S ON THIRD? Many of the top players in baseball, that's who. A photographic gallery of the hot-corner hotshots plus Ron Fimrite's portrait of the man who many say is the best hitter in the game today, George Brett of the Kansas City Royals.