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The Moscow Olympics 16

After a cabled reproach from Mrs. Mullory, Sebastian Coe avenged his loss to Steve Ovett in the 800 by winning the 1,500 16
by Kenny Moore

His treatment by spectators was strong stuff for the world's strongest man, Vastly Ivanovich Alekseyev, to take 24
by Paul Zimmerman

All That Glitter Was Not Gold 32
In spite of fireworks, world records and Ronald Reagan, the U.S. swimming championships did not an Olympics make
by Joe Marshall

By George, He's Some Hitter 36
As a matter of fact, George Brett, Kansas City's red-hot third baseman, may well be the very best in baseball
by Ron Fimrite

The Eagle Is Banded 62
Bald eagles in Michigan wear aluminum I.D. bracelets, thanks to a pair of naturalists who are concerned about our national bird
by Jim Doherty

The Departments

Scorecard 11
Boxing 46
Baseball 50
Boating 56
For the Record 81
19th Hole 82

Credits on page 81

Cover photograph by Rich Clarkson

Next Week

The last time Lee Trevino played at Oak Hill in Rochester he won his first tournament—the 1968 U.S. Open. Trevino returns to Oak Hill for the PGA, the last of the year's majors. Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus and Dan Jenkins will be there, too.

The first time the Dallas Cowboys play a football game this year, Roger Staubach won't be their quarterback. Staubach has retired, and the new QB is Danny White. Can he put a smile on the face of Tom Landry? Bruce Newman reports.