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Now The Race Is On 10
Five wins in seven games with the New York Yankees have put the Orioles in hot pursuit of another AL East Division title
by Steve Wulf

Board and Vroom 14
The spray really flew at the American Windsurfer Championships as the breeze nearly blew the feathers off Buzzard's Bay
by Dan Levin

Hubba-Hubba, Here Comes Bubba 18
Philadelphia Linebacker Bill (Bubba) Bergey, his surgical knee fit again, made a triumphant return to the Eagles' lineup
by Jack McCallum

Got It Made in the Shade 24
The marriage of modern technology to the ancient art of tentmaking has produced shelters that would have made Omar proud
by Jule Campbell

The Odd Couple of the Courts 30
Peter Fleming joined John McEnroe to form the world's best doubles team. Now "Flam" is making it in singles, too
by Curry Kirkpatrick

The Perils of Paul 50
Paul Newman risked his film career—and his neck—when he decided to be a racing driver
by Sam Posey

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Scorecard 7
Baseball 44
For the Record 67
19th Hole 68

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Cover photograph by Dan Baliotti

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