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The Pennant Playoffs

Philadelphia beat Houston in a five-game National League series that set records for drama, suspense and excitement
by Ron Fimrite 20

Kansas City gained revenge over New York by winning the American League championship in a three-game sweep
by Steve Wulf 23

Let His Name Go Up in Lights! 26
Niatross, pacing's $20 million wonder, wrapped up the Triple Crown while his warring owners sparked the fireworks
by Douglas S. Looney

No Picnic in the Big Apple 28
Bear Bryant took his top-ranked Crimson Tide up north, anticipating a feast, but Rutgers nearly spoiled the party
by Joe Marshall

Pro Basketball 1980-81

The sport is a "chess game with soul," emphasizing outstanding individual ability in a solid team framework
by John Papanek 36

The defensive equivalent of the slam dunk is the blocked shot, which can intimidate rivals and alter the course of a game
by Roy S. Johnson 40

Realignment should produce new division champions in the Central and Midwest, with the 76ers and Lakers favored in the Atlantic and Pacific 44

After the Fall 84
A year ago Jack McKinney was the Laker coach and Paul Westhead was his friend, but a bike crash changed that
by Richard O'Connor

The Departments

Scorecard 15
College Football 59
Rugby 67
Golf 70
Pro Football 74
Tennis 78
For the Record 105
19th Hole 106

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Cover photograph by Lane Stewart

Next Week

No urban Cowboy is Bum Phillips. No, sir! The coach of the Houston Oilers is the real live thing, or as his wife puts it, "Bum was born with his boots on." Curry Kirkpatrick jumps into Bum's red pickup and rides out to the family ranch for a visit.

A Lyons in the streets is what runners think of Patti Lyons-Catalano, a onetime overweight nurse and now the top U.S. woman marathoner. Sarah Pileggi reports as Patti prepares to compete with Grete Waitz in the New York Marathon.