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One Heartstopper After Another 24
Philadelphia returned home with a 3-2 World Series lead over Kansas City when Tug McGraw fanned Jose Cardenal in Game 5
by Ron Fimrite

For the Eagles, a Big One-Game Series 32
The Vet's other tenants ended a five-year jinx by whacking the Cowboys 17-10, and for a while they owned the city
by Paul Zimmerman

No. 1 Is No. 2...and Closing 40
An unhappy childhood had Patti Catalano running from the world. Now she's the best U.S. marathoner and running after Grete Waitz
by Sarah Pileggi

Well Now, Looka Here 46
The eyes of Texas are usually upon football games, but the NBA's new team in Dallas is trying to change that
by John Papanek

Hallelujah, He's, Uh, Bum 68
Oiler Coach Oail Andrew Phillips doesn't mind being called by his nickname, so long as it isn't applied as a description
by Curry Kirkpatrick

The Departments

Scorecard 19
College Football 54
Hockey 62
For the Record 89
19th Hole 90

Credits on page 89

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

A tale of two city street streaks will be played out as Bill Rodgers attempts to win his fifth consecutive New York City Marathon and Grete Waitz goes for her third triumph, and third world record, in as many years. Kenny Moore is at curbside.

And now starring...Bruce Jenner! The decathlon only a golden glow, Jenner is tearing up TV (announcing and commercials), movies (the next Cary Grant?), auto racing (move over, Paul Newman), sailing—you name it. A script by Bob Ottum.