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There Are Only 26 Miles to Go 16
Grete Waitz set a world record again, while in his first marathon Alberto Salazar became a star in New York
by Kenny Moore

The Battle of Bophuthatswana 22
Mike Weaver, WBA heavyweight champ, took Gerrie Coetzee's heaviest shots and then dropped the challenger with a brutal right
by Pat Putnam

A Tugger at the Heartstrings 24
The World Series was good to the last pitch, with which Tug McGraw fanned Willie Wilson—and all Philadelphia went bonkers
by Ron Fimrite

Land of the Rising Pigskin 32
The teams were imported, the fans wet and bewildered, but if history is a guide, soon Japanese will be saying, "We're No. 1"
by John Underwood

He's Front and Center 46
As Jack Rudnay goes, so go the K.C. Chiefs. He's their inspiration, their gagster—and their most valuable humanitarian
by Paul Zimmerman

Hey, Mister Fantasy Man 78
It's Bruce Jenner, enacting every man's daydreams: Olympic hero, TV star, movie hero, sailor, flyer, race-car driver....
by Bob Ottum

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