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This Could Be Their Last Grasp 26
The Super Bowl champion Steelers finally won a game after three straight defeats, but it may have come too late
by Paul Zimmerman

Jingle Jangle Mangle 32
The San Antonio Spurs' good-hit, no-field style has undergone an amazing transformation. Just ask their opponents
by John Papanek

Hey, Not Everybody Can Be Perfect 34
Alabama, UCLA, North Carolina and Baylor, all unbeaten and each hoping to win the national championship, were upset
by Douglas S. Looney

At the Top of His Profession 40
Marques Johnson, who may be the best forward in the NBA, performs high above the opponents, stopping time, defying gravity
by John Papanek

By Bears Gesmitten 51
With the dollar a bargain, anew breed of hunter is loose in America. Come to Colorado and meet Felix, Franz & Co.
by Clive Gammon

The Fish That Roars 82
The goal was a giant toadfish, the price for the grotesque prize was a nightmarish adventure on a river in Suriname
by Jack Rudloe

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Mighty Bob Young once was just a journeyman guard, but thanks to the wonders of weightlifting, he became a first-time All-Pro at the age of 36 and, at 6'1" and 285 pounds, the most massively proportioned player in the NFL. Terry Todd reports.

Sports have hit a Gusher in the Arab world, where oil money is paying for lavish facilities, Western coaching and modern research into the sport of sheiks, falconry. J.D. Reed even writes of golf as it's played in the world's largest sand trap.