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Preview of Super Bowl XV? 16
The mighty Eagles overcame the proud Raiders in a defensive masterpiece that was, perhaps, a taste of the future
by Paul Zimmerman

Trimming Sails in the NASL 22
Three teams are about to go under as the league grapples with the effects of overexpansion, the recession and union troubles
by J.D. Reed

Those Heisman High-Flyers 24
That little bronze halfback, football's most distinguished trophy, could go to one of several players. The envelope, please
by Mike DelNagro

College Basketball 1980-81

However they're arrived at, the wire service polls may reveal more about the voters than the teams getting the votes 30
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Three reasons to look forward to the new season are returning stars Mark Aguirre, Ralph Sampson and Albert King 34
by Curry Kirkpatrick

The Top 20 heads the array of scouting reports, which also include the Best of the Rest and the top small-college and women's teams 44

The Gospel According to John 88
John Thompson turned Georgetown's basketball team around by bringing in blacks and preaching education and discipline
by Bil Gilbert

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Scorecard 11
College Football 80
For the Record 105
19th Hole 108

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Cover photograph by Raeanne Rubenstein

Next Week

The great Alaska shootout isn't a caribou hunt, but the best regular-season college basketball tournament. In this year's field are such formidable fives as LSU, Missouri, Georgetown, North Carolina and Arkansas. Bruce Newman reports.

The big coach in the sky is smiling down on Brigham Young, and winning in sports has become as much a part of that university's life as its strict rules on social behavior. Bob Ottum scrutinizes the conservative school with the wide-open teams.