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The Big Bellyache 24
In a stunning fall from glory, Roberto Duran blamed stomach cramps as he surrendered his welterweight title to Ray Leonard
by William Nack

A Rookie Gives the Jazz Pizzazz 30
Last season Darrell Griffith led Louisville to the NCAA title. Now he's leading Utah to a surprising start in the NBA
by John Papanek

We Are Not Fam-i-lee 32
That's the fight song of Vince Ferragamo and all the Los Angeles Rams, but the bickering always stops at game time
by Barry McDermott

Hot Hand in a Cold Clime 38
Led by James Worthy, North Carolina tramped through the ice and snow to beat a strong field in the Great Alaska Shootout
by Bruce Newman

Shhh, It's the Black Ghost 46
Art Broadie knows his way around game preserves, and being a poacher, he also knows where all the hidey-holes are
by Robert H. Boyle

When the Latter-Day Saints March In 84
Winning in sports has become as much a part of life at Brigham Young as the school's strict rules of social behavior
by Bob Ottum

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Scorecard 21
TV/Radio 58
College Football 60
College Basketball 65
Horse Racing 70
Cross-Country 75
Hockey 80
For the Record 113
19th Hole 114

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Cover photograph by Dick Raphael

Next Week

The greening of the browns is nearly complete as Cleveland now leads Pittsburgh and Houston in the AFC Central. Paul Zimmerman checks out the Browns against the Jets after scouting the Steelers-Oilers game on Thursday night.

Some big cats from Kentucky, heavy favorite in the SEC, challenge a pair of Big Ten basketball powers, Ohio State and Indiana. Curry Kirkpatrick will be on hand for the big interleague showdowns in Lexington, Ky. and Bloomington, Ind.