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Hold On to Your Seats 22
Brian Sipe and all the Cleveland Browns have kept their fans gasping, but everything usually turns out all right
by Paul Zimmerman

Putting the Big Hurt on the Big Ten 28
Charles Hurt and some other unknown youngsters led Kentucky to punishing victories over Ohio State and Indiana
by Curry Kirkpatrick

As the World Turns 30
Golden State's Lloyd Free seems to have convinced almost everyone that his nickname isn't the biggest joke under the sun
by John Papanek

The Look of the North 36
Alaska's icy clime is the setting for the latest in skiwear, the versatile clothing that's worn everywhere today
by Jule Campbell

And the Streak Goes On 42
Often working at dizzying heights, the Eagles' 6'8" Harold Carmichael has caught at least one pass in 126 straight games
by Ray Kennedy

This Could Be the Last Resort 78
After much frustration, Colorado's spectacular Beaver Creek ski area opens next week, but it may be the end of an era
by William Oscar Johnson

The Departments

Scorecard 17
College Basketball 51
Cycling 58
Judo 65
College Football 68
Hockey 74
For the Record 105
19th Hole 106

Credits on page 105

Cover photograph by Andy Hayt

Next Week

The year-end double issue reveals the Sportsman of the Year; profiles two disparate football players, Buck Belue, a would-be baseball star who has quarter-backed Georgia to the No. 1 ranking, and Lou Piccone, the jack-of-all-positions whose special-teams derring-do has made him the darling of the Buffalo Bills' fans; offers a tender evocation of a special place in the Alabama woods; and takes a dunk with a daring lady in the frigid waters of Lake George. Plus news of the week.