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Phoenix Goes on the Attack 14
A trade and lineup changes switching a forward to guard and a center to forward have turned the Suns into aggressors
by Jack McCallum

Big Wheels Make Big Deals in Big D 18
A surprising amount of talent—58 players in all—got shuffled around, especially by the Cards, at baseball's winter meetings
by Steve Wulf

The Hurricane Is Blowing Up a Storm 20
The coach and four players from last year's junior-college championship team have made Tulsa the season's surprise
by Curry Kirkpatrick

When the Dust Cleared, It Was Minnesota 22
No other team seemed to want it, so the Vikings won the NFC Central title on a last-play Hail Mary touchdown pass
by Paul Zimmerman

Sportsmen of the Year 30
For restoring our pride and for brightening the days of 220 million people, we salute the U.S. Olympic hockey team
by E.M. Swift

The Buck Passes Here 49
Whether Georgia beats Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl and wins the national title depends on how well Buck Belue throws
by Douglas S. Looney

Where Nothing But Good Happens 66
There is a spot on earth for each man, a place he guards as his, although he holds no deed. Such is Forty Crook Branch
by T.H. Kelly Jr.

Baby, It's Cold Outside 80
"Great!" say the Polar Bears, hardy souls who love to leap into frigid waters and, sometimes, lure a novice in, too
by Joan Ackermann-Blount

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Scorecard 9
College Basketball 59
Pro Football 72
For the Record 99
19th Hole 100

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Cover photograph by Lane Stewart Inset by Heinz Kluetmeier

Next Issue

NFL Playoff madness kicks off with the wild-card games, but before he heads off to cover the live action, Paul Zimmerman will study his chart books, review his films, and then reveal the makeup of his annual All-Pro team. There will be surprises.

A battle of the bigs pits DePaul against UCLA. The first-and third-ranked teams in the country have traded victories in their last four games. Now it's the Blue Demons' turn to win. Curry Kirkpatrick will be courtside to see if precedent holds.