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Comeback Time in the NFL Playoffs

Philadelphia and Ron Jaworski overcame Minnesota's early 14-0 lead and an end-zone sacking to win 31-16 10
by Steve Wulf

Oakland chilled Cleveland 14-12 thanks to a fourth-quarter touchdown and a last-minute end-zone interception 13
by Bruce Newman

Dallas wiped out Atlanta's 10-point lead and won 30-27 on Danny White's two touchdown passes in the final 3:40 15
by Ron Fimrite

San Diego, down 14-3 at the half, beat Buffalo 20-14 on Dan Fouts' 50-yard TD pass to Ron Smith with 2:08 to play 16
by Paul Zimmerman

The Ball Bounces Georgia's Way 18
Taking advantage of every Notre Dame gift—and there were many—the Bulldogs nailed down the national title
by Douglas S. Looney

A Real Nowhere Man 22
Living in his own nowhere land, which for him is in and around Providence, Ernie D hasn't played in an NBA game since 1978
by Rick Telander

"Fanatics and Fools" 46
Such people, those willing "to hit a million balls a day," are one reason for Czechoslovakia's upsurge in world tennis
by Sarah Pileggi

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Cover photograph by Richard Mackson

Next Week

Jonathan Garvey will be among those present at Super Bowl XV, along with the winners of Sunday's NFL Conference Championship games. Paul Zimmerman and Steve Wulf cover the action, and Bob Ottum visits Garvey, a/k/a Merlin Olsen.

The fight in the fighting Irish is instilled by bruising Forward Kelly Tripucka, the son of a former Notre Dame quarterback and brother of some basketball hot shots. As Bruce Newman reports, Tripucka is living up to his illustrious bloodline.