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Oakland Had a Super Time 18
The Raiders routed the Eagles 27-10 as Jim Plunkett, working behind an overpowering offensive line, threw three TD passes
by Paul Zimmerman

The Game Is Her Life and Only Love 34
Beth Daniel, the LPGA's new star, has heave-hoed her clubs, friends and a special caddie in pursuit of excellence
by Barry McDermott

He's Lord of All Indoors 40
On a hockey-rink-sized pitch, no one can score like Steve Zungul. Now the Arrows' star wants into the real game of soccer
by J.D. Reed

My Crosby 72
The search for par, one little par, takes the author from the glamour courses of the Crosby Pro-Am to an indoor Golf-O-Rama
by George Plimpton

The Departments

Scorecard 13
College Basketball 54
Swimming 62
Hockey 64
Pro Basketball 66
For the Record 89
19th Hole 92

Credits on page 89

Cover photograph by Andy Hayt

Next Week

The two faces of Florida are shown in our annual sunshine issue. Jule Campbell and Photographer John G. Zimmerman scoured the Sunshine State for picturesque locales off the beaten track in which to best display the latest swimsuits on the greatest ladies. But Robert H. Boyle and Rose Mary Mechem, who looked into the less scenic aspects of Florida, report there is trouble in Paradise—crime is up; the environment is under siege, compounded by an explosive population growth.