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The NCAA Championship 14
Indiana and North Carolina, proud members of prestigious conferences, decided the basketball title in Philadelphia
by Curry Kirkpatrick

In Sum, It Was Sweet for Sugar 20
Though Ray Leonard took some lumps from a challenging garbage man, he retained his title and strengthened his bargaining position
by Pat Putnam

Talk About Quick Cures 22
Only a year ago Cure the Blues was considered about the slowest critter on four legs. Now he's the Kentucky Derby favorite
by William Nack

The Lady Is a Hot Shot 32
Machine Gun Molly Bolin's poster is wanted, but it's not just because she has one of the deadliest jumpers in the WBL
by Roy S. Johnson

This Isn't Cricket...But It Is 36
Unseemly behavior, on the pitch and off, mars the old game the world over—as an English tour of the West Indies made clear
by Clive Gammon

He's Living a Fantasy 45
"There's a correlation between pulling 'em out and knocking 'em out, "says Herb Odom, a dentist and, at 48, a reborn boxer
by Douglas S. Looney

"I've Always Felt Powerless" 76
Dr. J may dominate on a basketball court, but Julius Erving insists that he has no control over anything in his life
by John Papanek

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As baseball bows in, so does SI's special issue. In a hymn to the hot corner, Jim Kaplan salutes Mike Schmidt of Philadelphia and George Brett of Kansas City—MVPs and World Series heroes. Steve Wulf profiles Atlanta's Bob Horner, a third baseman making a fast trip to the top, and describes the tricks of the trade that give players an extra, though not always legal, advantage. Ron Fimrite examines the most beleaguered soul in any league, the manager. Scouting reports on teams in all four divisions complete the lineup. Plus all the week's news and our regular features.