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The Title Is Up for Grabs 12
There are no NBA champs now that the defending titlist Lakers were stunningly upset in the first round by Houston
by Anthony Cotton

The Irish Have Flipped over Faust 16
Notre Dame's mantle of greatness is being readied for new Coach Gerry Faust, if only he'll hold still long enough for a fitting
by Ray Kennedy

Baseball 1981

George Brett and Mike Schmidt are paragons at their position and proof that for any serious pennant contender, third is the word 20
by Jim Kaplan

If Atlanta Third Baseman Bob Horner ever puts in a full season, he may set records for long-distance hitting 25
by Steve Wulf

Houston and Montreal are favored to win the National League West and East; Kansas City and Milwaukee are picked in the American League 32

A manager may have many talents—molder of men, master tactician—but the only thing he's sure to be is a goner 52
by Ron Fimrite

Carrying the Torch 69
Olympic Committee presidents may come and go, but Monique Berlioux is an enduring power in amateur sport
by Anita Verschoth

Tricks of the Trade 92
Loaded bats, phantom DPs and doctored balls may be illegit, but they're as much a part of the game as, well, the spitter
by Steve Wulf

The Departments

Scorecard 9
TV/Radio 65
Conservation 81
Rowing 86
For the Record 111
19th Hole 112

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

It's Azalea time in Augusta and nobody seems to have a grip on the season except Ray Floyd, Masters winner in '76. Seve Ballesteros, last year's champion, will be on hand, as will Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and, to report, Dan Jenkins.

The motor city hit man is a nickname WBA welterweight champion Thomas Hearns has earned with 28 KOs in 30 fights but would like to shake—just as he would like to shake Ray Leonard loose from the WBC title. A profile by Bob Ottum.