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Winning Is Such a Bore 18
While Oakland was setting a record by opening the season with 11 straight victories, the relief pitchers were busy doing nothing
by Ron Fimrite

It Was the Sixers in Seven by One 24
Julius Erving and Marques Johnson were the stars, but then along came Jones, Caldwell Jones, to give Philly victory
by Anthony Cotton

The Season to Beat Jolley? 32
Trainer LeRoy Jolley's Cure the Blues was the Derby pick until a long shot beat him to set up a wide-open Run for the Roses
by William Leggett

This Phone Will Ring on April 28 43
Record-breaking Neil Lomax will be one of the top two quarterbacks selected in next week's National Football League draft
by Kenny Moore

Love and Love 68
Since her triumphant return to tennis, Chris Evert Lloyd, spouse and star, has relished life and her game more than ever
by Frank Deford

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Cover photograph by Andy Hayt

Next Week

A shot at the championship awaits Gerry Cooney if he wins his May 11 fight with former heavyweight champ Ken Norton. William Nack profiles the 24-year-old slugger who is living his lost childhood even as he grows to maturity in the ring.

Seduction in the streams is the specialty of John Betts, who finds the raw materials for his lures in places such as Frederick's of Hollywood. Robert H. Boyle reports on the man whose sinfully successful synthetics are revolutionizing angling.