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The Wearin' Down o' the Green 14
Philadelphia up and floored the Celtics to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference finals
by John Papanek

To the Greater Glory of Jumbo 20
Villanova's runners honored the late Jumbo Elliott, their Wildcat coach for 46 years, in an apt manner at the Penn Relays
by Jack McCallum

Epidemic of Fernando Fever 22
Los Angeles is delirious over Fernando Valenzuela, the dazzling rookie lefthander who has three shutouts among his four wins
by Jim Kaplan

The Tall and the Short of It 30
Ed (Too Tall) Jones has never lived up to the expectations of a public that believes he should be as good as he is big
by Douglas S. Looney

It's Money in the Bag 38
Caddies for the top players on the PGA tour have discovered that even reflected glory can pay very nice dividends
by Walter Bingham

Gotcha! Hook, Line and Lingerie 44
Nothing is sacred when John Betts scouts for the synthetics he uses to make his revolutionary artificial flies
by Robert H. Boyle

Cooney Can't Beat His English Teacher 72
He's dominated everyone he has faced in the ring, but on his frequent trips back to school he meets his match in Mrs. Gorman
by William Nack

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Cover photograph by Tony Triolo

Next Week

That old Kentucky home of America's most prestigious race, Churchill Downs, is bulging with horseflesh; a score of 3-year-olds may Run for the Roses. Bill Nack reports the Kentucky Derby deeds of Proud Appeal, Tap Shoes, et al.

IS THERE LIFE AFTER FISK AND LYNN? The Fenway Park jury is still out on the controversial player changes made by the Boston Red Sox front office in the off-season. Steve Wulf scours the Fens for the facts in this celebrated case.