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The Stampede for the Roses 18
A monster field of 21 horses started the 107th Kentucky Derby, but in the stretch Pleasant Colony emerged from the herd
by William Nack

The Worth of a Bird in Hand 26
The Celtics came winging back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Eastern Conference finals to beat the nose-diving Sixers
by John Papanek

Winging Toward Immortality 32
Of all the divers in the history of his exacting sport, Greg Louganis comes closer than any other to being "perfect"
by Anita Verschoth

'What—Me Worry?' 38
The old heroes are gone and the team's in sixth place, but Boston Manager Ralph Houk remains a disciple of Alfred E. Neuman
by Steve Wulf

The Soviets Had the Ponies 55
The U.S. water polo team, which had hoped to beat the U.S.S.R. in the '80 Olympics, finally got its chance—and lost
by Bruce Newman

The Three-Sport Man: Hail and Farewell 66
Lewis and Clark's Dan Jones may be the last of a glorious species—college athletes who play football, basketball and baseball
by Kenny Moore

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Cover photograph by Paul Kennedy