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Will the Bubble Ever Burst? 22
Fernando Valenzuela had to struggle for a while in running his record to 7-0, but, by gum, he got his fifth shutout
by Jim Kaplan

So Far, So Miraculous 26
A Jewish monk and a latter-day Moses helped put upstart Houston into a 2-2 tie with Boston in the NBA championship series
by John Papanek

Gone with the Wind—Literally 30
The merest zephyr prevented Carl Lewis from achieving the most remarkable feat of an outstanding track and field meet
by Kenny Moore

Sammy Comes Slammin' In 38
Tennis' latest phenom is 18-year-old Sammy Giammalva, who may become the equal of the hero of his favorite novel
by Barry McDermott

Back in the Driver's Seat Again 44
The great harness horseman Stanley Dancer has a barnful of burners ready to go for the classic 3-year-old races
by Sandy Treadwell

Please, Don't Fall in the Water 78
The strange critters in the rivers of Amazonia didn't deter Kay Brodney an unbookish librarian, from the fly-fishing time of her life
by Clive Gammon

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Scorecard 17
Baseball 57
Hockey 69
Horse Racing 72
For the Record 101
19th Hole 102

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Cover photograph by Manny Millan