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Power to Spare 26
Man up, man down, all even, the Islanders scored every which way in blasting to a 3-0 lead over Minnesota in the Stanley Cup finals
by E.M. Swift

There Were No Doubts About It 30
Heavyweight challenger Gerry Cooney's two-fisted attack left former champ Ken Norton on the ropes after just 54 seconds of the first round

That's Two Down and One to Go 32
Not long ago hardly anyone had heard of Pleasant Colony but after a Preakness win he's poised for the Triple Crown
by William Leggett

Once More, with a Lot of Feeling 34
Inspired play by Cedric Maxwell and Larry Bird revived an old Celtic tradition: winning the NBA championship
by John Papanek

He Does It by the Numbers 40
Baseball takes on new meaning in the esoteric statistics conjured up by a magic number man in Kansas Bill James
by Daniel Okrent

The Big Ten's Big Mess 79
The harsh penalties following a bizarre series of events have made some Illini clamor to get out of the conference
by Douglas S. Looney

Get Out of the Way, Here Comes A.J. 98
When push comes to shove, at his ranch in Texas or on a racetrack anywhere in the world, A.J. Foyt bulldozes to the fore
by Bob Ottum

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Cover photograph by Tony Tomsic