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A Fierce and Fiery 500 22
For the third time Bobby Unser was first across the line at Indy, but Mario Andretti was ruled the winner
by Robert F. Jones

He Got Good Weight for His Money 28
Wilfred Benitez went up a class and won his third world title by knocking out super welterweight Maurice Hope
by Pat Putnam

Scaling the Heights at Long Last 30
For 17 years of race-riding, Jorge Velasquez has waited for the day he would be a star. That day may finally be here
by William Nack

Guzzlers and Ditters 36
The best U.S. and British surf casting beaches are jammed, but experts over there beat crowds by casting as far as 600 feet
by Clive Gammon

The Son Also Rises 44
Smokin' Joe Frazier's boy, Marvis, burns to make a name for himself in the ring—while his famous father fans the flame
by Jack McCallum

Going to Great Lengths 74
Long jumping is a Lewis family affair: Carl holds the world indoor record and Carol holds the U.S. girls' junior mark
by Sarah Pileggi

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Cover photograph by Manny Millan